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Playing with a hamster
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Playing with a hamster
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When you play with a hamster keep it safe and happy.

Hamsters are small active creatures, they love playing and exploring and you need to know what they like to do.

Everyday it's a good idea to just pick up your hamster and let it run from one hand to another. Put your hamster on one of your hands and just let it run to the other one and keep reapeating those steps.

When your hamster has been with you for about a month it's a good idea to buy an exersize ball for him. They make great toys and great exersize. When you buy one make sure the lid can open and close properlly  and there are no holes or cracks. Be aware that a hamster will start to feel sick if he is in his ball for over half an hour. You might wanna put him in everyday. Or just while your cleaning the cage. Hamsters need supervison though so you might want to make a brother or sister watch him while you are cleaning the cage.

Your hamster might get bored of his cage so you might want to buy him a more interesting cage or just put another toy in there. Like maybe a toiley paper roll. They love going through them. But just remember to keep your hamster safe while he's playing.

Hamsters need to play and get exersize but hamsters also do need attention and supervision whenever they are out of their cage.