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All about Hamsters

Getting a Hamster
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Getting a Hamster
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When you are getting your first hamster choose a healthy active one. Make sure his/her eyes are glossy and make sure he is walking right. Hamsters can't usually find a way to tell you if they're sick  so when your choosing a hamster make sure he /she is healthy.

Ask the pet store person if it's a male or female. And If he/she doesn't know then check the stomach. If it has little tags going down the belly then it's female. If it doesn't and just has small tail then it's male.

After you've chose your hamster, tell the pet store person and they will reserve him/her for you while you shop for hamster accsessories. Buy a water bottle that should be a little bigger than a calculator and buy a food bowl that is glass or metal, hamsters can chew plastic. Buy food that says "for hamsters" on it, and get maybe a little treat. Buy a wheel that is small enough to fit inside the cage you chose. And buy a little house or sleeping area because hamsters sleep most of the day. Buy fluff if you chose to buy a house for the hamster. And buy wood shavings, pine or cedar is the best. Now choose a cage that your hamster would be comfterble in.

Now your pet store person should give you a small box to put your hamster in for the ride home. You or your pet store person should gently place the hamster inside, and poke small air holes. When you get in the car try and hold the box tightly,the hamster may be running around in there.When you get home walk slowly with the box in your hands.

While you are setting up your hamster home your hamster should just be in a container without a lid or in the box. But if he is boxed or containered he needs too be under full supervision. Whne his cage is ready place him inside it and just watch him discover his new home. But hamsters don't like too many visitors so maybe it should be just you this time. Try placing your hamster on his wheel over and over because he has no clue what that is, So turn it and try and mke him watch you turn it.

Hamsters are nocturnal. They sleep in the day and are awake at night. Make sure hamsters house or sleeping area is safe and it has something soft in it if it is a  house. When hamsters run on their wheel at night it might bother you the first couple of days but soon you will get used to it. Try not to disturb a sleeping hamster.

You should clean the cage about every week or so. Just put in new wood shavings and new fluff, food,ect.. But you should give your hamster new water every day.

Hamsters are little. Remember to always pick it up safely. Just cup your hands around his belly the pull him up to you but don't squeeze him. Once you got him close to you it's better to sit down or sit on a bed or something because a fall is powerfull enought to kill a small hmster.

Hamsters make exellent pets but you got to learn lots about them to give them a good home.